Meet Your Writer


Susanne Salehi, MA

Before I dive into who I am, let’s get to what really matters: why me?

This is my passion. This is what I love to do - meeting interesting, driven people with goals and dreams, and translating the essence of who they are into a beautifully crafted narrative gives me chills. I celebrate your success with you, and I’m honored to be a part of that.

I’m a queer feminist writer and Memphis expat currently living in Atlanta. I’ll give you my top three: Hufflepuff (just and loyal) INFP (true idealist), and Taurus (sensual and stubborn). For a bonus, see also: cat lady.  My mantra is tough and tender - I'll cry when I see something beautiful and lay steady for a three hour rib tattoo.

I’ve written for Gertrude Press, Catalyst Wedding Co., & Bleating Heart Press, and I give the rest of my rage to rugby. Running, hiking, and solo traveling are some of my other passions, along with reading and obviously, writing.

Grant writing was my full-time profession for three years, but I’ve switched over to another university as a professional development & career planning program coordinator for their graduate school. I begin my low-residency MFA program at Sewanee’s School of Letters in 2020, with a focus on creative nonfiction. Both Tennessee Williams and Katherine Mansfield have shaped who I am as a writer.

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